Business supporting company GBP ltd, operating in Tbilisi, Georgia, aims to develop business relations between Georgian and foreign companies, by offering different business services to both of the parties. We are working to create one of the largest trade facilitating and business supporting platforms in Georgia. 

GBP ltd fully supports and provides guidance to foreign companies, seeking to do business with Georgian enterprises, are interested in investments or want to setup a company in Georgia. We guarantee the most cost efficient services in Georgia.

GBP has elaborated individually selected services that suit the 

interests of its business customers and creates the trustworthy and attractive environment for them. 

Our large-scale connection with Georgian public and private entities help us to successfully deliver the given tasks. 

GBP creates business friendly climate for non resident customers by offering the personal manager for each service, who will exclusively handle every single case.

Being very familiar with the Georgian business culture and having access to all relevant institutions and public bodies, GBP knows like no other how to go about these matters, at any level.


  • Our large-scale connection with public and private entities ensures successful networking for you
  • Our partnership with major legal firms in Georgia guarantees effective outcomes
  • Each customer is granted to be assisted by the personal manager
  • We provide custom membership with individually selected services
  • Our audience is business oriented
  • We are not impeded by a language barrier
  • We have a large network of relevant contacts
  • We are established in Tbilisi, which facilitates access to local information sources