We are a reliable contact who speaks your language helping you to find suitable business partners in Georgia. Providing you with all the information you need about potential business partners.

We follow the proper channels in setting up your contacts with potential partners. GPB support you during negotiations and help you cross the language barrier. We plan your trip to Georgia and deliver full follow-up until the cooperation is in place and running smoothly

The service is suitable for those who want to establish a business in Georgia. Georgia, like every other country, has its own specific laws and regulations. We can steer our customers through the various procedures and make sure that all formalities are taken care of.

The service encompasses various sub-services as well including legal services, marketing campaigns, branding and IT services.

The GBP project portal offers a broad choice of viable projects in various sectors to investors looking for investment opportunities in Georgia.

Information on relevant sectoral investment opportunities are provided upon the request of our customers.

Organizing business events requires special expertise and skills to make the event successful. With our ability to combine the elements of energy, strategy and creativity we are ready to organize successful business forums, conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions for our customers at any location in Georgia.

We aim to deliver a well-organized and successful business events that add value to your overall objectives.