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Are you looking for small or medium scale investment in Georgia? 

GBP holds the database of investment projects in Georgia, represented in a form of a Map, which allows you to select the investment project by region and sector. 

To access the Investment Map click here. 

Are you a Startup company in Georgia and looking for bringing awareness to your business?

GBP offers a service to organize a “Business Shower” event, which gives you the opportunity to gather relevant business entities for networking and further cooperation purposes.

By using this service, you will be able to introduce your company to the audience, establish effective connection with key people in a friendly environment and identify new business opportunities and partnerships. 


Our reason for existence started with the motivation to become the bridge between Georgian and International business entities; to encourage and support the development of business relations between companies, by providing various business services of mutual benefits.  

Our Partnerships with different local and international organizations, large network of contacts and linguistic flexibility gives us the opportunity to duly fulfill the given tasks.

Our Company is the member of the UN Global Compact Network Georgia and is one of the first beneficiaries of the project “GeClose2EU” implemented with the support of the Swedish Government.

We are established in Tbilisi, Georgia, which facilitates the access to local information sources.

Best investments right now would be in Georgia.


We provide business services for Georgian and international business entities.

We offer Investors from around the world to simply check and select a project of their interest on our digital Investment Map of Georgia. The procedure is simplified; it is time and cost efficient. Investment Projects can be sorted and searched by regions, sector and budget range.

We offer different types of business services to Georgian MSMEs and Startups. They can attract investments for their business ideas by simply submitting investment projects to our business portal, and/or they can use our service of Business Shower, to raise awareness of their company.

We support small businesses and Startups of Georgia by holding a dialogue with them twice a month in Social Media Live, where they are able to talk about their businesses with a wide range of audience.


Our company and the business services that we provide, is built on the idea, to support the development of business environment in Georgia and strengthen its position in a business world.

We support Georgian micro small and medium size companies (MSMEs) and Startups, to raise awareness on local and international markets, and to attract investments for implementing their business ideas.

What we’re trying to achieve is to promote starting business in Georgia on wider international scales, showcase investment projects and accordingly attract international investors, which will ultimately be contributing towards the development of Country’s economy.

As the member company of the UN Global Compact Network, the concept and the vision of our company aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to shape a sustainable future and preserve people’s opportunities to live in welfare across generations.